How to improve your Instagram following

Serving as a forum for some of the most beautiful panoramic shots on the mobile web, it doesn’t shock us Instagram is among the most downloaded apps on either iOS or Android phones, as it had over 200 million users sign into the app back in April.

From highlights of someone’s hike in the wilderness to a plate of some of the finest food in your hometown, it is not surprising that folks adore this social media app.

Some users decide to become a creator, as they have an eye for photos they want to share with the world.

Some crave the influence their idols have over their fans. To gain this, though, they come to the realization that they need to improve their Instagram following.

There are many ways you can do this, which includes the option to buy Instagram followers if you have cash to spare, but there are many free techniques one can enact as well.

Below, we’ll give you a few simple pointers that the best accounts on Instagram use to grow their follower count.

1) Make use of hash tags

After signing up with Instagram, you’ll see a quick growth in your numbers as you follow every friend and family member that has an account, but most fail to raise their count beyond that stage.

If you want to break through that barrier, start by attaching relevant hash tags after your post descriptions.

The reason for this is that many heavy Instagram surfers run out of pics to look at from their friends, so they search for photos using hash tags.

Like going to far away places whenever you have the time and money? Tag your holiday shots with #travel, or match it up to the countries you visit (e.g. #thailand).

Love eating out? Add #foodporn after each post of delicious food you put up.

Be sure to check out how your favorite Instagrammers do it before proceeding, as those who make the mistake of over hash tagging will unknowingly annoy random users, making it less likely that they will follow you.

2) Post when most people are on the app

Having trouble reaching your target audience? Think of it this way: why put up posts when the people you are trying to reach are in bed asleep or are at their place of employment?

Try putting up your content at 5 pm or 2 am Eastern Time. This way, you’ll get American commuters in the afternoon, and those in Europe when they head to work in the morning.

3) Put great stuff up on Instagram
If you want to have tons of fans like your favorite Instagram personality, getting good at photography is a must.

By learning about light, trying out different angles, and experimenting with photo settings and filters, you will learn enough about creating visual art that your tribe will eventually find you.

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